Profil  Sanayi ve Ticaret  A.Ş. family is working in the industrial area of Hasanaga ​, ​Sanayi Caddesi No: 66,

In the production of shaped and welded sheet metal parts, we attach great importance to the results of the work as well as how the results are obtained.

With the ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System, we aim to fulfill the expectations of all our social stakeholders by eliminating the negative impacts of our activities on the environment and human health.

In line with this target;

Increasing Occupational Safety for the Health of our employess by improving work environment and environmental conditions continuously . 

Complying to relevant environmental legislation, laws and other requirements,

Making continuous improvements and research that will ensure the reuse of all kinds of recycled products,semi-products and raw-materials.

Using natural resources in the most efficient way by improving our processes and reducing our scrap,  environmental goals and targets.

Protecting the environment by preventing pollution by using appropriate technologies in our production process.

Raising  awareness of all our employees, suppliers and subcontractors and our neighbors regarding  environmental protection and to encourage environmental protection,

Conduct awareness raising activities for our sub-industries,

Taking  precautions to prevent possible emergencies, environmental and occupational accidents,

Identifying risks and opportunities take precaution for risks and continue our effort  for making opportunities better .

are our fundamental  principles.

In line with our principles, we are committed to conducting the ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System by giving duties and responsibilities to all of our employees and continuously improving them.